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GFK SE - Loca­tion: Nurem­berg, Ber­lin

GfK turns data into smart busi­ness deci­si­ons for cli­ents. Can there be a bet­ter place FOR YOU to take cen­ter stage in the digi­tal revo­lu­tion?

Trainee (f/m) Big Data Ana­lytics

from Mid of Janu­ary 2018

Work­ing field:

How your trainee pro­gram could look like?

Ano­ther day in the office. Time to wrap up and hit the traf­fic home. Remem­ber how exci­ted you were when you got that great trainee posi­tion in this bril­li­ant IT team? And now? We guess the job is ok, your col­leagues are nice too, and the cof­fee breaks are timed to per­fec­tion. All in all, a com­for­ta­ble gig. Of course, you're keeping an eye out where to work once the pro­gram is finis­hed, because you're ambi­tious. You want to go new pla­ces and try out new stuff. Loo­king for fresh chal­len­ges. Some­thing to get your teeth into.
How your trainee pro­gram should look like!

Start your career in mar­ket rese­arch - the ori­gi­nal data dri­ven busi­ness. For GfK ever­y­thing starts and ends with data. Ari­sen from a uni­ver­sity spin-off, deca­des of spe­cia­li­zed rese­arch results in tens of thou­sands of high qua­lity data sets encom­pas­sing all indus­tries, regi­ons and time frames from simple sur­veys to com­plex cross-media audi­ence mea­su­re­ment stu­dies. In order to turn that data into know­ledge it takes engi­neers, sci­en­tists and con­sul­tants to col­la­bo­rate glo­bally using the best data sci­ence tech­no­logy stack ima­ginable.
You still think mar­ket rese­arch is about ques­ti­on­nai­res aggre­ga­ted with Excel?

For our busi­ness, soft­ware engi­nee­ring is not only an enabler, but its DNA: At GfK, next level tech­no­logy takes cen­ter stage. Not just a fuzzy busi­ness power talk manage­ment hears and thinks, "Yeah, that sounds great, next topic". Ever­yone gets it, lives it, and bre­a­thes it.

Our glo­bal and diverse team of true sub­ject mat­ter experts sha­res the same vision: To deve­lop best-in-class tech and ana­lytics solu­ti­ons addres­sing todays big­gest mar­ke­ting chal­len­ges.

With GfK's incredi­ble glo­bal data land­scape at our dis­po­sal, we might have an unfair advan­tage – not many play­ers can say they collect gra­nu­lar sales data in more than 100 coun­tries, or mea­sure cross-media beha­vior using state-of-the-art tech­no­logy for tens of thou­sands of con­su­mers.

You'll be loo­ked after by

Wer­ner, who owns the road eit­her on his John Deere or on his 250km/h 92 PS Duct if he is not taking care of his 4 PS at home;
Tho­mas, our fair-wea­ther cyclist and cof­fee addict who still remem­bers how to write native map reduce code – regard­less of its use­ful­ness;
Robert, who is a great sup­por­ter of the Nurem­berg local foot­ball team which unfor­t­u­n­a­tely often comes off second best at weekends but moti­va­tes him even more devo­ting on qua­lity topics during the course of the week.


Now we should add an end­less list of what you will be expec­ted to do, what we will offer, fol­lo­wed by ano­ther end­less list of what qua­li­fi­ca­ti­ons and skills you should pos­sess, in order to be cho­sen.

But hey, we know: you com­ple­ted your bache­lor/mas­ter, you are a true tech­no­logy addict and you are eager to work in a super moti­va­ted team making a dif­fe­rence every day!

In addi­tion, you have first expe­ri­ence in pro­gra­ming with Java and know­ledge in ver­sion con­trol sys­tems. Any expe­ri­ence with Hadoop, Oozie, Pic or Scala is a plus. You’re an enthu­si­a­s­tic IT-ori­en­ted indi­vi­dual and a com­mu­ni­ca­tive per­son. Your prag­ma­tic hands-on working style with a posi­tive can-do atti­tude are essen­tial for us.

What we of­fer:

Before offe­ring you a per­ma­nent job in one of our teams depen­ding on your future exper­tise you will have the uni­que chance to gain insights in at least 3 depart­ments, one of them abroad, during your 18 months trainee pro­gram. You will learn on the job with full inte­gra­tion in pro­jects, trai­nings, feed­back loops and our buddy/men­to­ring-con­cept. The whole tech­no­logy life-cycle from “design” over “build” to “run” and its rela­ted jobs such as tech­ni­cal pro­duct owners, solu­tion archi­tects, front-end and back-end deve­l­o­pers, Dev­Ops engi­neers and pro­ject mana­gers will be explo­red by you whilst working toge­ther with your trainee-col­leagues on real stra­te­gic pro­jects. We live flat hier­ar­chies and open door policy – from your fel­low trainees up to our CTO we want to learn from you as well! Our diverse working envi­ron­ment with the uni­que chance to learn from real sub­ject mat­ter experts who bre­a­the big data and high-end tech­no­logy will be your daily life.

How to ap­ply:

Start trainee-pro­gram:
Mid of Janu­ary 2018 – Please send your app­li­ca­tion till end of August 2017

Having the choice, makes life excit­ing. Decide yours­elf today and start your future.
We appre­ciate experts as well as young talents and sup­port the deve­lop­ment in our inter­na­tio­nal teams.