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Tech­ni­sche Uni­ver­sität Ber­lin - Fac­ulty II - Insti­tute of Math­em­at­ics

Rese­arch Assist­ant (Post­Doc) - per­man­ent pos­i­tion acc. to MAVO - salary grade13 TV-L Ber­liner Hoch­schu­len

part-time employ­ment may be pos­sible

Work­ing field:

  • Lec­tures, math­em­at­ical exer­cises, tutori­als, sem­inars, and exams in math­em­at­ical cour­ses, in par­tic­u­lar in sub­ject didac­tic for math­em­at­ics
  • Organ­iz­a­tion and admin­is­tra­tion of teach­ing
  • Gen­eral duties in plan­ning, organ­iz­a­tion and admin­is­tra­tion
  • Par­ti­cip­a­tion in the aca­demic self-admin­is­tra­tion of the insti­tute
  • Math­em­at­ical rese­arch in one of the insti­tute‘s fields or in the didac­tics of math­em­at­ics with ref­er­ence to teach­ing in schools pro­vid­ing voca­tio­nal edu­ca­tion or to one of the insti­tute‘s study pro­grams


  • Suc­ces­fully com­ple­ted uni­ver­sity degree (Mas­ter, Dip­lom or equi­val­ent) in math­em­at­ics or in a com­par­able field or a teach­ing degree in math­em­at­ics
  • PhD in math­em­at­ics or in the didac­tic of math­em­at­ics
  • At least three years of work­ing exper­i­ence after the com­ple­tion of the uni­ver­sity degree in a full-time pos­i­tion in a sci­ent­i­fic or uni­ver­sit­ary or prac­tical employ­ment
  • Exper­i­ence in the teach­ing of the didac­tic of math­em­at­ics
  • Very good know­ledge of Ger­man
  • Pro­ven exper­i­ence in teach­ing as well as in the coun­sel­ling and super­vi­sion of stu­dents
  • Exper­i­ence in the rese­arch in one of the insti­tute‘s fields or in the didac­tic of math­em­at­ics
  • Pro­found know­ledge of the aca­demic self-admin­is­tra­tion
  • Exper­i­ence and pro­noun­ced com­pet­ence in plan­ning, organ­iz­a­tion and admin­is­tra­tion
  • High level of per­sonal respons­ib­il­ity and self-reli­ance as well as motiv­a­tion and ini­ti­at­ive
  • Col­lab­or­at­ive and com­mu­nic­at­ive way of work­ing
  • Will­ing­ness to par­ti­cip­ate in the insti­tute‘s devel­op­ment
  • Very good know­ledge of Eng­lish

More inform­a­tion can be obtai­ned from Prof. Dr. Stan­nat (

How to ap­ply:

Please send your writ­ten app­lic­a­tion with the ref­er­ence num­ber and the usual doc­u­ments to Tech­nis­che Uni­ver­si­tät Ber­lin - Der Prä­sid­ent - Fak­ultät II, Insti­tut für Math­em­atik, Frau Schle­si­ger, Sekr. BEL 1, March­str. 6, 10587 Ber­lin. App­lic­a­tions via email can­not be con­side­red.

To ensure equal oppor­tun­it­ies bet­ween women and men, app­lic­a­tions by women with the requi­red qual­i­fic­a­tions are expli­citly desi­red. Qual­i­fied indi­vidu­als with dis­ab­il­it­ies will be favo­red. The TU Ber­lin val­ues the diver­sity of its mem­bers and is com­mit­ted to the goals of equal oppor­tun­it­ies.

Please send cop­ies only. Ori­ginal doc­u­ments will not be retur­ned.