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Beren­berg - Bank­we­sen

Beren­berg wurde 1590 gegrün­det und gehört heute mit über 1.500 Mit­ar­bei­tern in den Geschäfts­be­rei­chen Wealth Manage­ment, Asset Manage­ment, Invest­ment Ban­king und Cor­po­rate Ban­king zu den füh­ren­den euro­päi­schen Pri­vat­ban­ken.

Sum­mer Intern­ship Pro­gramme 2019

Work­ing field:

Ber­en­berg was estab­lished in 1590, and today we are one of Europe’s lead­ing privately owned banks, focus­ing on the busi­ness divi­sions Invest­ment Bank­ing, Cor­por­ate Bank­ing as well as Wealth and Asset Man­age­ment. The Bank is run by man­aging part­ners and has a strong pres­ence in the fin­an­cial centres of Ham­burg, Lon­don, New York and Frank­furt. Our 1,600 employ­ees carry the Bank’s long tra­di­tion of suc­cess into the future.

At Ber­en­berg we believe tal­en­ted people are the key to our suc­cess. We are look­ing to hire sum­mer interns onto our 8-week pro­gramme. You will gain busi­ness expos­ure and train­ings. You may be placed within a Research, Sales or ECM team. You will be given com­pre­hens­ive train­ing and will be alloc­ated a senior mem­ber who you can dis­cuss any quer­ies or con­cerns with. You will assist them in ana­lysis of the sec­tor, pro­du­cing research notes and present­a­tions. You will also be col­lat­ing rel­ev­ant mar­ket macro and micro news-flow on a timely basis.
Stand-out interns may be fast-tracked for fol­low­ing years’ Inter­na­tional Gradu­ate Pro­gramme assess­ment centre.


We encour­age applic­a­tions from can­did­ates with the fol­low­ing attrib­utes:
  • Out­stand­ing inter­per­sonal skills; smart, inquis­it­ive and driven;
  • Abil­ity to work in a fast-paced envir­on­ment;
  • Stu­dents from any degree dis­cip­line who will be expect­ing a 2.1 or above;
  • You will be in your pen­ul­tim­ate year of study­ing for a degree in any dis­cip­line
  • Flu­ency in Eng­lish is essen­tial and addi­tional lan­guages (espe­cially Ger­man) are bene­fi­cial;
  • Eli­gib­il­ity to work in the UK on a per­man­ent basis.

How to ap­ply:

We are now open for applic­a­tions: